Photo of Garden Design Styles

As gardening becomes more and more popular enthusiasts have become better and better at creating beautiful gardens. For most people the key is to have a design idea - a style or theme around which to base the garden.

By having a style in mind it is possible to focus your ideas and your spending. Decide on a style and then you can plan out roughly what structure your garden will follow and which plants to focus on. Try to avoid the common mistake of buying too many different types of plants.

Remember that for every garden style it is much better to have a lot of a small number of plants than a small number of a lot of plants. With repetition of plants and planting in groups rather than single specimens the end result is much more pleasing to the eye. The Louve garden in the photo above has grouped boxes and yew in a style that is very simple and wonderfully effective.

Here are some Garden Design Styles you might want to consider. For each garden design we have included some ideas to help you create the style and common plants included in these gardens. Examples of gardens to visit in France which display the garden style are also included.

French Garden Style

Cottage Garden Style (Jardin de curé)

Tropical Gardens

Exotic Gardens

Mediterranean Gardens

Japanese Gardens

Paradise Gardens