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The L'Atelier garden of Claude Le Maut is situated in Perros-Guirec in the Cotes d'Amour department of Brittany in northern France.

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L'Atelier means 'the workshop' in English and in fact the garden developed in order to exhibit the tree pruning work of Claude Le Maut.

Claude wanted to find a method of pruning trees which left them looking the same shape as when left to grow naturally.

French gardeners have mastered the art of topiary, pollarding and pleaching and these techniques are used heavily in formal French gardens particularly but to some extent in very many of France gardens. However these methods all completely remove the natural form of the tree.

Claude Le Maut looked to Asia for inspiration and developed a form of pruning which restricted growth whilst retaining the original shape and proportions of the tree.

The garden L'Atelier therefore began as a showcase for these natural pruning methods and contains many trees ranging from young trees to specimens over a hundred years old.

The garden was begun in 1993 but over the years the garden has grown and many interesting aspects added including ponds and a potager.

Lovely meadow areas full of meadow flowers surround the ponds and long borders full of trees and shrubs and a very natural style of planting which includes euphorbias, foxgloves and hydrangeas.

The Jardin Atelier garden guide

The L'Atelier garden is open from May to September, Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons. It can also be visited by appointment.

Vistits cost 5 euros for adults and are free for under 15s.

The garden is situated on the Cote d'Amour in Brittany.

Address: L'Atelier, 104 Kervascet, 22700 Perros Guirec.

Gardens to visit nearby

L'Atelier garden is close to the famous Jardins de Kerdalo. Also nearby is the park and garden of the Chateau de la Roche Jagu which gives a contemporary feel to a medieval garden. It is in Ploezal near Pontrieux.

The Jardin Exotique de Roscoff is a pleasure to explore and takes advantage of the microclimate here to grow a surprising range of exotic plants.

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Map of L'Atelier garden and places to visit


L'Atelier garden places to visit

Les Jardins de Kerdalo

Les Jardins de Kerdalo

The Jardins de Kerdalo is a magnificent garden that has been restored relatively recently.

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Jardin Exotique de Roscoff

Jardin Exotique de Roscoff

A microclimate at Roscoff means that the Exotic garden of Roscoff can grow lots of cacti and succulents more usual to a Mediterranean climate.

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