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The Chateau des Milandes is in the Dordogne region of France near to the pretty village of Beynac and the historic town of Sarlat.

These French formal gardens surround the beautiful Renaissance castle, the Chateau des Milandes.

Explore the gardens of the Chateau des Milandes

These very pretty gardens surround the stunning Chateau complementing the beautiful Renaissance architecture.

The gardens were originally designed by Charles Claverie with the help of Jules Vacherot, one of the main garden architects in Paris at the time. Sculptors were hired to form the wonderful gargoyles and the stone balustrades.

These have been developed over time - notably with the addition of low box hedging to add structure and the addition of the large flower border at the front of the castle.

Chateau des Milandes

These borders at the front of the castle are surrounded by low box hedges forming  large rectangles which are entirely fillled with colourful bedding plants. In the centre of these is a small fountain. Benches around the edges allow you to sit and enjoy the view of the castle across this broad sweep of colour.

To one side of the castle is an attractive restaurant and the slope down to the restaurant has been attractively planted with a lovely acer tree, yuccas and various low growing evergreen shrubs and conifers.

At the other side of the castle sweeping steps lead down to a formal park area with large trees, clipped topiary and large lawns laid out in formal patterns and edged with gravel paths.


A walk through here eventually leads you past the aviaries of birds of prey which take part in the falconry and birds of prey show that the Chateau des Milandes put on each day.

Beyond here steps up to the castle are guarded by two superb gargoyles and beyond around the rear of the castle you can not only enjoy sweeping views of the Dordogne countryside but also more formal lawns edged with clipped box hedges and the slope up to the castle is filled with lavender balls.

The combination of the attractive gardens and the beautiful castle make the gardens well worth a visit.

The Chateau des Milandes

The Chateau is a beautiful renaissance castle which was lived by Josephine baker from 1947 to 1968. Todays its interiors are as she left them and include a sumptous black and gold bathroom and there is an exhibition of Josephine Baker's clothes, photographs, books and music. All in all well worth visiting.

Chateau des Milandes

Chateau des Milandes opening hours

April to May: 09.30 to 19.00, every day

June to 10 July, and September: 09.30-19.00, every day

11 July to August 31: 09.00 to 20.00, every day

1 October to November 3: 09.30 to 18.30, every day

Prices are 12,50 euros for adults and 8 euros for children (5 to 16s)

Gardens to visit nearby

La Roque-Gageac is a nearby village which is classed among the most beautiful in France and has been planted throughout with exotic plants.

Les Jardins d'Eau de Carsac at Carsac-Aillac is a water garden filled with water lillies and lotus flowers.

Les Jardins de Cadiot is a lovely garden at Vitrac

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Map of Chateau des Milandes and places to visit


Chateau des Milandes places to visit

Les Jardins suspendus de Marqueyssac

Les Jardins suspendus de Marqueyssac

The Jardins Suspendus de Marqueyssac have the most amazing swirling box hedges and wonderful views over the Dordogne river.

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Les Jardins de la Chartreuse de Conty

Les Jardins de la Chartreuse de Conty

Sadly these gardens are no longer open to the public except by rdv.

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The Jardin de la Ferme Fleurie

The Jardin de la Ferme Fleurie

The Jardin de la Ferme Fleurie is a lovely colourful garden in the Dordogne valley.

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Jardins de l'Albarede

Jardins de l'Albarede

The Jardins de l'Albarede is a charming garden on the edge of the beautiful town of Domme.

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Le Clos des Sources

Le Clos des Sources

Sadly the Clos des Sources garden has now closed.

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Les Jardins du Chateau du Caudon

Les Jardins du Chateau du Caudon

The Jardins du Chateau du Caudon have impressive views over Domme and a labyrinth.

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