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Photo of Gardens du Chateau Val Joanis

Visit Gardens du Chateau Val Joanis

The Chateau Val Joanis is in Pertuis in the Vercluse department  on the Cote d'Azur.

Visit the gardens of the Chateau Val Joanis

Built on three terraces the first  is a huge and very ornamental vegetable garden, a delightful mix of vegetables and flowers.

The second terrace uses a similar design with rectangles of clipped box but this time filled with roses. Irises, asters, gauras and others add to the flowering spectacle.

The third terrace is a less formal garden containing lots of different varieties of trees.

gardens of the Chateau Val Joanis

Overall the gardens are lovely, they won the 'Garden of the Year' prize in 2008 as voted by the Association of Garden Journalists.

The chateau has also been used in various films and commercials including 'French Kiss' with Meg Ryan.


Even better, if like me you enjoy a glass of wine as well as a nice garden, this Chateau is a wine chateau. Visits of the garden take place on Thursday afternoons and include a visit to the wine cellars and a spot of wine tasting. Excellent!

Chateau Val Joanis Garden Guide:

The gardens are open every day from 1st April to 31st October from 10.00 to 12.00 and 14.00 to 1.00 (without guided visit). In July and August the gardens remain open over lunchtime as well.

The garden is open to visitors for a guided tour and wine tasting on Thursdays at 16h00 in July and August.

The entrance price is 4.50 euros or 6.50 with the wine tour.


The gardens of the Chateau Val Joanis can be found 25km north of Aix en Provence.

Chateau Val Joanis, 84120 Pertuis

Tel : 0490792077

Val Joanis website.

Gardens to Visit Nearby

The delightful 'Le Pavillon de Galon' garden is also in the Vaucluse department and has lots of clipped box and parterres but planted in a lovely contemporary manor. Unfortunately this garden is only open in May and June.

The very charming La Louve garden is to the south of the Chateau Val Joanis and is well worth the trip.

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Map of Gardens du Chateau Val Joanis and places to visit


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