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Gardens of South East France by department and region

There is an enormous diversity in the South East of France from the high mountains of the Alpes to the dry hot regions of Provence and Corsica.

Regions of South East France

Corsica (Cors du Sud 20a, Haute Corse 20b), Provence - Alpes- Azur ( Alpes de Haute Provence 4, Hautes Alpes 5, Alpes Maritimes 6, Bouches du Rhone 13, Var 83, Vaucluse 84), Rhone Alpes ( Ain 1, Ardeche 7, Drome 26, Isere 38, Loire 42, Rhone 69, Savoie 73, Haute Savoie 74) , Monaco (Principality of Monaco)

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