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France has many beautiful and interesting gardens to visit.

The range of plants that can be seen in French gardens is enormous and ranges from the moisture loving plants common in the north-west to cacti in the Mediterranean gardens of the south.

The range of styles is enormous too with the very formal gardens around the large chateaux, for example Les Jardins du Chateau de Hautefort, and much smaller intimate gardens such as Les Jardins de Sardy, there is much to see.

Gardens by region of France


The French garden design was made popular by Andre Le Notre, designer of the gardens of Versaille and copied throughout France. The gardens of chateaux and palaces in France usually have this very formal style.

As well as admiring the beauty of French gardens there is much to learn too, on visiting the gardens of France. For example, Les Jardins de l'Albarede reveal a pivotal use of mulching to keep alive a garden which can cope with the hot French summers with little rain. Useful information to take back to the UK as summers get increasingly hot and rainfall ever lower!