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This garden is just a few kilometers from the original Jardin Plume and the Jardins de Bellevue, home to the national collections of hellebores and meconopsis, plus quite a few other gardens. In a way though this one was my favourite.

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This is the garden I would take home and have as my own garden if I could choose one. Much smaller than the others this one is the size of a very large garden rather than a park and it has a much more intimate feel.

The Jardins d'Angelique were created by the owners in memory of their daughter Angelique and they make an utterly beautiful memorial to her.

Jardin d'Angelique

The Jardins d' Anglelique has been created around a lovely manor house belonging to the owner. In front of the house is a large sweep of lawn edged with beautiful flower borders. It has the feel of an English Country Garden.

Beyond this the owner was clearly finding she did not have enough garden for all the plants she wanted and the garden changes to be narrow paths winding through borders packed with plants and flowers. The garden is full of flowers but because they tend to be whites, pinks and blues the garden remains restful and beautiful.

Roses are a favourite plant and are planted in large numbers in the garden.

Throughout the garden there are benches or ceramic bird baths or perhaps a plant in a pot or a well placed bench. Beautiful additions which add perfectly to the surrounding garden.


A little cloud pruning adds a modern touch but the garden overall has a lovely old-fashioned romantic feel to it.

Even the short walk between the front garden and the back garden has been made beautiful. The painted gate, galvanised watering cans and mix of gravel and evergreen plants is a superb mix.

Now take a walk behind the manor house and the garden changes again. Here the garden has been set out in the formal French garden style with box hedges surrounding regularly shaped sections of garden and all set out around a lovely round fountain in the middle.

Inside the box hedges though the planting is not the mass of small annuals as in many French style chateau gardens, instead the planting is a mass of roses and perennials and the colours tend to be whites and pinks in the middle sections and blue around the edges.

The Jardins d'Angelique include hundreds of varieties of roses and a wide range of perennials, shrubs, trees and hydrangeas. Don't miss it!

The garden has been awarded "Jardin Remarquable" status.

Jardins d'Angelique

Jardins d'Angelique garden guide

The Jardins d'Angelique are open May to mid October from 11.00 to 19.00. A visit to the garden costs 8 euros for adults, 5 for students and is free to under 10s. There is also a tea room which is open every day.

This garden is situated in Normandy between Dieppe and Rouen.

Address: Jardins d'Angelique, 26992 Route de Lyons, 76520 Montmain

Gardens to visit nearby

This area of France is very rich in gardens. Be sure to visit the Jardin Plume and the Jardins de Bellevue.

You can find more local travel ideas in the North West France guide,

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