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The Jardin d'Eden is in the attractive town of Tournon-sur-Rhone in the Drome department. The garden climbs up the hillside above the town offering some tremendous views of the town and the river below.

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Eden Park winds steeply uphill in the grounds of an ancient convent - the Couvent des Moines des Cordeliers. It is surrounded by walls and even has a Renaissance tower.

The entrance to the Jardins d'Eden is on the South side of Tournon, away from the river.

As you enter the garden you are immediately engulfed in the verdant woodland landscape of the garden. The garden slopes steeply uphill but here at the base of the garden are a couple of ornamenal ponds, fountains and statues as well as an interesting variety of woodland planting.

Jardin d'Eden

As the garden climbs uphill you have some magnificent views over the town of Tournon sur Rhone and the river Rhone. It is worth visiting the garden for these alone.

About half way up the garden is a special section dedicated to roses, a pleasure to see, especially in May and June when roses in France tend to be at their best.


Continuing uphill the garden turns into a real woodland which has had terraces cut into it for ease of access.

As well as visiting the garden it is open for numerous theatrical and musical events during the year.

The Jardin d'Eden garden guide

The Jardin d'Eden is open every Sunday from 14h00 to 17h30 and all weekend from 21 March to 1 June from 14h00 to 19h00. From the 1st June to the 20 Septembre the garden is open every day from 10h00 to 12h00 and 14h00 to 19h00.

Address: Le Jardin d'Eden, 8 Rue Lachanal, 07300 Tournon sur Rhone, France

To find the garden head to the centre of town and park by the Quai Farconnet near the castle. Head to the tourist office and between the tourist office and the medical laboratory you will see the Rue Lachanal. Walk to the end of this street and you will find the garden.

Jardin d'Eden

Gardens to visit nearby

In the Drome department a number of villages have been labelled as botanic villages for their interesting planting throughout the village. Each village has a chosen theme and has a minimum of 150 varieties of plants in their chose theme. They are well worth a visit.

Albon - plants with magical and symbolic qualities

Barnave - plants for dry gardens

Chabrillan- sweet peas and peonies

Hauterives- interesting foliage

Grignan -roses and mediteranean plants

Manas- rare and unknown shrubs

Mirmande - plants and shrubs with decorative foliage

Montelier - trees and shrubs with decorative berries

Montvendre - plants from the Far East.

The Jardins d'Erik Borja are a fascinating Japanese-style garden created by the sculptor Erik Borja. The garden features large ponds and many cloud pruned trees and is a haven of tranquility.

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Les Jardins d'Erik Borja

Les Jardins d'Erik Borja

A delightful Japanese style garden in the Drome department of South east France.

Les Jardins d'Erik Borja guide