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Le Jardin de Liliane is in the Haute-Vienne department in the Limousin region of France. It is a delightful garden with long sweeping borders not far from Limoges.

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The garden was voted the "Prefered garden of the French" in the Limousin region in 2014 by viewers of the France2 television channel.

The Jardin de Liliane sweeps down a gentle hill with huge borders at either side of the long sweep of lawn.

Edged by large trees underplanted with an incredible range of ornamental trees, shrubs and plants the garden is delightful.

Jardin de Liliane

The borders are shaded by the trees and yet the plants below grow with abandon. Liliane explained that initially she was nervous that plants would struggle in the shade but as more and more succeeded she became more and more adventurous. Helped by the reasonably plentiful rain of the Limousin area and Liliane's care the plants are obviously thriving.

During our visit in the spring the large white panicles of Viburnum bushes glowed in the deep shade at the back of the border and large numbers of old favourites such as geraniums, hostas, day-lillies and honeysuckle formed a rich tapestry at the front of the borders allong with many other plants both common and unusual.


Clumps of Tradescantia, Aconitum (monkshood) and roses formed bold clums of colour against the tapestry of leaf colours formed by the hostas, ferns, acers, and purple-leaved plants such as Sambucus nigra and Lysimachia ciliata 'Firecracker'.

Various seating areas have been laid out so that you can sit and relax and enjoy the sound of the insects gathering pollen around you.

The Jardin de Liliane was begun in 1982 and now covers 8000m2. It is gardened without watering except at the time of planting and no chemicals are used.

Jardin de Liliane

The Jardin de Liliane garden visit

The Jardin de Liliane is open by rendez vous only. The email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The entry fee is 7,50 euros and free to under 16s. The garden is usually open for the 'rendez-vous au jardins' weekend at the begining of June and the 'Journées de Patrimoine' in September.

Address: Le Jardin de Liliane, Le Chateau des Bermondet, 87310 St Laurent sur Gorre

Gardens to visit nearby

Whilst there are no other notable gardens in the area the city of Limoges and the village of Saint-Hilaire-les-Places have both been awarded 4 flowers for the quality of their town planting.

Whilst it is 50 kilometers away Brantome is a very beautiful village and the Jardins Tranquille in the village are very pleasant. A part of the garden runs along the edge of a river which adds a pleasant extra dimension to the garden.

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