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Photo of Jardin Botanique de la Presle

Visit Jardin Botanique de la Presle

The Jardin de la Presle is near to Nanteuil-la-Foret in the Marne department of northern France.

The garden of la Presle, le Jardin de la Presle,  took fifth prize for the "Best Park in France 2006 prize" .

Visit the garden of la Presle

This lovely garden has excellent large herbaceous borders providing plenty of inspiration for all of us.  In the garden is a superb collection of ancient roses and a wide variety of shrubs. Indeed two of the collections of plants at la Presle have national significance. These are the collections of Salix (willows) and Spirea and they also have an impressive collection of saxifrages.

In recent years the owners have been won over by the Philadelphus, Deutzia and and Lonicera genus and these collections are vast approaching national importance. However roses remain a firm favourite with more than 900 varieties of ancient roses to admire.

Jardin de la Presle

For children there is a fun course in the forest.

There is also an excellent garden centre selling many of the plants seen in the garden. Indeed the garden centre was here first and specialised originally in Alpines and ancient roses. They then added to this with their collections of salix, spirea and saxifrages. The Jardin de la Presle is in the champagne region of France and they have their own vinyard and sell their own champagne in their shop.


The garden is listed as a 'Jardin Remarquable' (remarkable garden) by the French ministry of Culture and also holds the label "Vignobles & découverts" for its champagne making.

Jardin de la Presle Garden Guide:

The garden is open from Monday to Friday 14h00 - 18h00 and Saturday 9h00 - 12h00 and 14h00 - 18h00. The entry cost is 5 euros for adults and free to under 16s.

This garden is situated to the east of Paris in la Marne.

Address: Pepiniere Brochet-Lanvin, Centre botanique de la Presle, 51480 Nanteuil la Forêt, La Marne

tel: 03 26 59 43 39

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