Jardin de Chantal et Alain; a garden to visit in the centre of France

Photo of Jardin de Chantal et Alain in Central

Visit Jardin de Chantal et Alain

The Jardin de Chantal et Alain is in Jouey-le-Potier is in the Loiret department of France.

Visit the Jardin de Chantal et Alain

The Jardin de Chantal et Alain won the second prize in the Prix Bonpland Competition 2008. The garden has been inspired by English style gardens and includes many roses, arches, ponds and meandering paths.

The gardeners Chantal and Alain are particularly fond of roses and Viburnums and these add to the romantic feel of the garden but Philadelphus, Lonicera, magnolias and Acers are also very well represented and geraniums, hostas, alchemillas and many other perennials cover the ground.

The garden has a wonderfully intimate feel with lots of secret areas, half hidden by arches or meanders in the paths or the profuse growth of the wonderful range of plants and shrubs in the garden. The garden is very informal and bursting with scent and colour. It really is a delight. Don't miss it!

Roses are particularly numerous and you will be itching to get home and make a rose arch in your own garden after you have enjoyed the sight of these throughout the Garden of Chantal and Alain. The garden is looked after by Chantal and Alain Touzeau themselves showing what can be achieved even without an army of gardeners.

With gentle colour palates starting with greens and white in the spring and adding shades of pink to the late spring and summer garden. All in all there are 300 varieties of roses, 500 shrubs including a collection of 150 viburnums and many perennials to admire.

Le Jardin de Chantal et Alain Garden Guide

The gardens are open May to September on Sunday afternoons from 14.00-18.00 and weekends in June (a particularly good time to admire the Viburnums) from 10.00-18.00.

Visits to the garden are by rendez-vous at other times.

Visits cost 5 euros for adults and free to under 18s.

This garden is situated 20 km south of Orleans.


Le Jardin de Chantal et Alain, La Mercerie, route de Ferté (D18), 45370 Jouy-le-Potier

Tél : 02 38 45 84 21

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