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The Jardins de Kerdalo were the winner of the "Best Park in France 2004 prize". Designed by Prince Peter Wolkonsky, this park was also classed as a "jardin remarquable" and added to the list of "des Monuments Historiques" in 2005.

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This garden was created in 1965 and is reputed to be one of the best gardens created in Europe since the second world war. Its inspirations are Italian, Chinese and there is even a part which invokes a tropical jungle.

The gardens had become somewhat abandoned but upon the death of Peter Wolkonsky his daughter Isabelle Vaugham, a horticulturist who trained at the RHS garden, Wisley, lovingly brought them back to life.

Jardin de Kerdalo

The Jardins de Kerdalo is a beautiful garden covering 18 hectares, one of the star features is the grotto surrounded by giant leaves of gunnera. Another favourite is the wisteria covered pergola.

If you visit in spring there is a fabulous collection of rhododendrons, acers and azaleas. Prince Wolkonsky was a great plantsman and had vast numbers of plants, including many rare shrubs and trees delivered to his garden.

When you enter the gardens the first thing to strike you is the house. Its a beautiful old stone house with lovely small paned windows and has a really welcoming feel.

The lawn outside the house is edged with some lovely plants including large clumps of agapanthus but walk to the stone balustrade at the end and the 'wow factor' of the garden really hits you.


Below is a garden laid out in the French formal style with four rectangular borders but these have been planted in an informal fashion with a lovely mix of yellow and blue leaved or flowered plants and the result is really superb. Geraniums, Artemisia, grasses, Alchemellia and Penstemons all feature.

Leaving this section the garden becomes informal and has been planted up with an amazing collection of trees. The shapes and colours of the trees have been selected by a real master and the garden is wonderful.

The garden edges on to a river and as you approach you pass a pond and tree ferns and even a hidden grotto surrounded by some massive gunnera. Walk across the stepping stones to see the mosaic in the grotto.

Jardin de Kerdalo

Make sure you don't miss this garden if you are in the area.

Jardin de Kerdalo garden guide

The gardens of Kerdalo are situated close to St Malo and St Brieuc on the Cotes d'Armor. Admission to the gardens costs 12 euros for adults and 5 euros for children over 4.

The garden is open in May to September, Tuesday to Saturday, 15.00 to 19.00. In July and August the garden is also open for night-time visits on the first and last Wednesday of the month.

Address: Les Jardins de Kerdalo, 22220 TREDARZEC

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Les Jardins de Kerdalo places to visit

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