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The Jardin de Marguerite is in Plobsheim near Strasburg in Alsace in north eastern France.

Le Jardin de Marguerite was the winner of third prize in the "Best Park in France 2007 competition" . This competition sponsored by Briggs and Stratton chooses the top five French gardens each year. In fact they run a similar competion in Britain, Germany, Italy and Sweden. The garden has been awarded "Remarkable Garden of France" status.

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The garden was voted the "Preferred garden of the French" in the Alsace region in 2014 by viewers of the France2 television channel.

The garden of Marguerite has a succession of themes. Throughout the garden the sound of water and small waterfalls can be heard and seen adding a freshness to the garden. Largely inspired by English garden style there are lovely large mixed borders and a profusion of old roses.

Le Jardin de Marguerite

The garden is wonderfully verdant with the flowers shining out from the backdrop of hundreds of shades and textures of green.

Each part of the garden has a different ambience and include a rose garden, a garden of colours, a garden of shade and light, a pond and a potager (vegetable garden).

The garden is fairly small at half a hectare but includes around 2000 varieties of plants, including 150 old roses. Marguerite Goetz has been working on this garden for around 30 years and the rewards of her labour are here for all to see.


Jardin de Marguerite garden guide

The garden is open in May, June and September; Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday afternoons 14.00-18.00.

In July, August and October the garden is open by rendez vous only. Admission is 5 euros and free to under 18s.

This garden is situated a few kilometers from Strasbourg in the Bas Rhin department of the Alsace. Marguerite also has a gite so if you wish you can spend your holiday surrounded by these charming gardens!

Address: Jardin de Marguerite, 2 Rue du Verger, 67115 PLOBSHEIM

Gardens to visit nearby

Be sure to visit the beautiful city of Strasbourg - it really is lovely. Whilst in Strasbourg head to the Botanic Gardens of the University of Strasbourg which can be found to the east of the cathedral in the centre of town. The lovely gardens are open every afternoon from the 1st March to the 14th December. The garden includes a collection of 6000 plants and a tropical greenhouse.

To the south, near Mulhouse is the delightful Jardin des Songes, voted one of the favourite gardens of France in 2013.

The Jardin de Berchigranges is another beautiful garden and in late spring the rare blue flowers of Meconopsis can be seen in the garden.

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Jardin de Berchigranges

Jardin de Berchigranges

The Jardin de Berchigranges has been carved out of a mountain and contains many themed gardens

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Le Jardin des Songes

Le Jardin des Songes

The Jardin des Songes is a prize-winning garden in Alsace.

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