Les Jardins d'Erik Borja, an inspiring Japanese style garden in the south of France

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The garden of Erik Borja is situated in Beaumont-Monteaux in the Drome department of the Rhone-Alpes region.

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The main inspiration is Japanese especially in the parts of the garden close to the house. Next to the house is a traditional raked gravel area with a rich planting of ornamental trees and shrubs of different shades of green. There is also an ornamental pond adding to the tranquility of the scene and taking inspiration from the importance of water in a Japanese garden.

Jardins d' Erik BorjaJardins d' Erik BorjaJardins d' Erik Borja

Erik Borja is a sculptor and has been devoting his artistic flair to this delightful garden since 1973. The garden is now about 3 hectares in size  and consists of a tea garden, a meditation garden, a mediterranean garden, a riverside arboretum  and the 'south garden' with two large ponds.

Here, as elsewhere in the garden, many of the trees have been cloud pruned including common hawthorn trees giving me an idea for some that are growing as weeds in my own garden!

Jardins d' Erik BorjaJardins d' Erik BorjaJardins d' Erik Borja

Further away from the house are the tea gardens with two large ponds with miniature waterfalls and a wonderful selection of plants and shrubs to admire. The noise of the frogs in this part of the garden is absolutely deafening. The garden is obviously home to a large array of wildlife.

In the South garden there are two bigger ponds shaded by three large oak trees.

Jardins d' Erik BorjaJardins d' Erik BorjaJardins d' Erik Borja

Japanes sculptures and plants such as the wonderful flowering dogwood - Cornus florida, add to the Japanese theme and a huge wisteria covers a tree in scented purple flowers.

The Mediterranean parts of the garden are inspied by the years Erik Borja spent in Algeria and particularly by the Jardins de Tipasa.

The Jardin's d' Erik Borja Garden Guide:

The Jardin's D'Erik Borja are open by rendez-vous only but you can ring or email to make an appointment. The gardens are located close to Valence in South East France.


Les Jardins d'Erik Borja

530 chemin du Jardin Zen, 26600 Beaumont Monteux, France

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

tel: 04 75 07 32 27

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