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The Jardins du Montmarin start of with the main vista of the house and a French formal-style garden which sweeps down to a Bay on the River Rance.

The chateau, park and gardens are a listed historic monument. The chateau was built as the summer residence of a rich ship-owner. Interestingly the roof of the chateau is in the shape of an upturned ship's hull!

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Directly in front of the chateau is a French formal garden established in the 18th century and the rest is a more informal park.

Whilst most of the garden is really a pleasant park there are areas of interest for keen gardeners. There is a massive bed of Crinums which have lovely lilly like flowers but unfortunately I was too early for both these and the large number of Agapanthus in the garden.

Jardins du Montmarin

Having wandered through a lot of the park and neared the exit area there are suddenly a lot more 'gardened areas'. There is a lovely border with lots of yellow and orange plants at one end and blues and pinks at the other.

There is also a shady area filled with lots of shrubs and brightened here and there with beautifully scented roses. French gardens often have an impressive and decorative potager and this garden is no exception.


There is a nursery area too where a good selection of plants are on sale.

Jardins du Montmarin garden guide

The garden is open from 1 April to 31 October. 1 June to 15 September from 14.00 to 19.00 and 14.00 to 18.00 the other days. The gardens are closed on Saturdays. Admission is 6.80 euros for adults.

This garden is situated between Dinard and St Malo on the Rance estuary.

Address: Jardins du Montmarin, Le Montmarin, 35730 Pleurtuit

Jardins du Montmarin

Gardens to visit nearby

The Montmarin gardens are a listed remarkable garden. Another one in the area is the garden of the Chateau de la Bourbansais.

The Parc Floral de Haute-Bretagne is nearby and has twenty-one different themed gardens.

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