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Les Jardins Tranquille is a lovely riverside garden in the north of the Dordogne department in the lovely town of Brantome. The gardens were once called the Jardin's d'Au delà but changed hands a few years ago.

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The Jardins Tranquille cover 5 hectares and include English-style borders, natural and formal bonds, a lovely river-side stretch, a woodland area and even a topiary chess set.

On entering the garden you arrive at an open sunny lawn interspersed with various specimen trees and a number of large borders. To the left of this area is a stream the edges of which have been attractively planted and you can cross over the stream to an island between the stream and the river Dronne, a lovely spot and nice and cool on a hot summers day.

Les Jardins Tranquille in Brantome

The other side of the garden has a number of smaller gardens within it. There is a formal pool with fountains, a topiary chess set and a natural pool full of water lillies and other pool plants. Another favourite is the tunnel covered in roses, clematis and wisteria. Very pretty and beautifully fragrant too. You will find several peacocks adding to the splendour of the gardens as you explore.

A nice shady area in the trees at the far end of the garden offers welcome shade on a hot day and there are various woodland paths to follow.


A couple of picnic spots and a refreshments area are also available.

As well as being a lovely garden Brantome itself is probably the prettiest town in the Dordogne and definitely is definitely worth a visit. The garden is a lovely bonus to a trip here.

Les Jardins Tranquille in Brantome

Les Jardins Tranquille garden guide

Les Jardins Tranquille are open from the 1st May to the 15th of October every day from 12.00 to 19.00. Outside of these hours visits by appointment are possible.

Address: Les Jardins Tranquille, Chambon, 24310 Brantome, France

Entrance: 7 euros for adults; 5-18 years and students 5 euros.

Other gardens to visit nearby

Also in Brantome is a lovely little botanique garden - 'le Jardin Botanique d'Alije' - specialising in plants for the potager (vegetable garden) and containing lots of attractive and unusual plants.

The 'Calebasse et Compagnie' is a small cottage-style garden also in Brantome. So all in all Brantome is a good place for gardens!

For a completely different kind of garden visit the Chateau de Hautefort whose impressive gardens include formal parterres and inspiring topiaries.

An unusual garden, the Le Bouquet garden,  comprising lots of different patterns and designs created from hedges of box and other shrubs has been created in the village of Sorges.

You can find more local travel ideas in the South West France guide,

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Map of Les Jardins Tranquille and places to visit


Les Jardins Tranquille places to visit

Le Bouquet garden

Le Bouquet garden

The Le Bouquet garden is a unique garden with 50 different parterres and motifs spread out round a 2km walk.

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Les Jardins du Chateau de Hautefort

Les Jardins du Chateau de Hautefort

Les Jardins du Chateau de Hautefort. This spectacular castle is surrounded by impressive formal gardens.

Les Jardins du Chateau de Hautefort guide
Les jardins de la Brande

Les jardins de la Brande

Les Jardins de la Brande once had a great display of willow woven cabins but is now a garden centre which hosts a garden fair twice a year.

Les jardins de la Brande guide
Le Jardin de Liliane

Le Jardin de Liliane

The Jardin de Liliane is a popular garden with a wide range of trees and good ideas for shady borders.

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Chateau de Losse Gardens

Chateau de Losse Gardens

The beautiful Chateau de Losse is surrounded by very simple and stylish garden with lots of clipped box and lavender balls.

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Chartreuse du Colombier

Chartreuse du Colombier

The Chartreuse du Colombier is a traditional country house surrounded by charming gardens.

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