Les Jardins Tranquille, a riverside garden in the Dordogne

Photo of Les Jardins Tranquille in South West

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Les Jardins Tranquille is a lovely riverside garden in the north of the Dordogne department in the lovely town of Brantome. The gardens were once called the Jardin's d'Au delĂ  but changed hands a few years ago.

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The Jardins Tranquille cover 3 hectares and include English-style borders, natural and formal bonds, a lovely river-side stretch, a woodland area and even a topiary chess set.

On entering the garden you arrive at an open sunny lawn interspersed with various specimen trees and a number of large borders. To the left of this area is a stream the edges of which have been attractively planted and you can cross over the stream to an island between the stream and the river Dronne, a lovely spot and nice and cool on a hot summers day.

Jardins Tranquille

The other side of the garden has a number of smaller gardens within it. There is a formal pool with fountains, a topiary chess set and a natural pool full of water lillies and other pool plants. Another favourite is the tunnel covered in roses, clematis and wisteria. Very pretty and beautifully fragrant too.

A nice shady area in the trees at the far end of the garden offers welcome shade on a hot day.

Garden Guide:

Les Jardins Tranquille are open from the 1st May to the 15th of October on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.

Opening hours are 12.00-19.00


Les Jardins Tranquille

Chambon, 24310 Brantome, France

tel: 05 53 05 95 24

Entrance: 5 euros adults; 11-16 years and students 3 euros

Other gardens to visit nearby:

Also in Brantome is a lovely little botanique garden  - 'le Jardin Botanique d'Alije' - specialising in plants for the potager (vegetable garden) and containing lots of attractive and unusual plants.

The 'Calebasse et Compagnie' is a small cottage-style garden also in Brantome. So all in all Brantome is a good place for gardens!

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