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The Jardin de la Louve, or the She-wolf, is a garden situated in the Luberon area of Provence. The garden is listed as one of France's "Remarkable gardens".

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Created by Nicole de Vesian, well-known in the world of fashion after a career with the House of Hermes. This garden though is considered to be one of her greatest works of art. The garden is now owned by Judith Pillsbury, an art dealer from Paris who maintains the gardens according to their original design.

It is a Mediterranean garden in its planting, ie lots of rosemary, lavender, sage, cistus box and junipers and lots of plants are clipped imposing a tight order on much of the planting. Flat topped cypresses became a hallmark of Vesian's garden style.

La Louve garden

At La Louve there is also a strong Japanese influence, partly seen in the cloud-pruning of some trees but more apparent in the use of pebbles, stones and rocks.

The garden is small and is a tapestry of greens and greys. There are not many flower colours to be seen other than the purples of the lavenders which are allowed to flower (many are clipped tight back excluding flowers). The effect is harmonious and peaceful and it blends beautifully into the surrounding, and also very beautiful, Luberon countryside.


Dotted around the garden are wooden benches designed by Nicole de Vesian and these offer lovely spots to sit and soak in the beauty of the surroundings.

photo of clipped box and cypress trees at the Louve garden ©solange Brihat

Les Jardins de la Louve garden guide

The Jardin de la Louve garden is now owned by Judith Pillsbury who maintains the garden in the style of its designer. It is a private garden but visits can be arranged by rendez-vous for groups of ten or more. It is definitely worth the trouble. Visits cost 10 euros per person.

The garden is also open a number of afternoons in May, June and July without making reservations. Visit the tourist office or their website for details.

Address: Le Jardin de la Louve, Chemin Saint Gervais, 84480 Bonnieux

To find the garden head for the main square and with the pharmacy in front of you take the street on the left. The garden is about a hundred meters down this road.

Reservations can be made with the Bonnieux tourist office

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