Jardin aux Plantes de la Bouichere, a garden in south west France

Photo of Jardin aux Plantes la Bouichere in South West

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The Jardin aux Plantes la Bouichere is situated in Limoux in the Aude department of south west France

Visit the Jardin aux Plantes Perfumees la Bouichere

Le Jardin aux plantes la Bouichere is a garden which specialises in scent. There is a 2.5km walk bordered by scented plants, shrubs and trees. There are more than a thousand scented plants in the garden. If, like me, you are trying to fill your garden with more scented plants, this is the garden to come to for ideas and inspiration.

The range of plants in the garden, both scented and non-scented is huge and includes masses of roses as well as more mediterranean plants such as agaves.

There are a whole range of different themed gardens here including a rose garden, a grasses garden, a conifer garden, a dry garden and an attractive vegetable garden.

As well as exploring the garden there is a lot of information of the use of plants across the world and in days gone by.

There are also various colour-themed gardens.

For those with the time (and ability to speak French) there are also workshops teaching various gardening techniques.

There is a tea shop and it is possible to buy plants too at the garden. Those of you with children will enjoy the fishpond and the birds to watch as well as the friendly donkeys.

Jardin aux Plantes de la Bouichere Garden Guide

Sice our visit it seems the garden is no longer open to the public and for the time being is only available for filming end events...

This garden is situated to the south of Carcassonne in the town of Limoux.


Jardin aux plantes parfumées la Bouichère, 11300 Limoux

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