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La Brande is a garden centre near to Perigueux in the Dordogne.

La Brande gardens.

Jardins de la Brande

Sadly what was once a great selection of cabins made of willow, straw, leather and a range of other materials has now largely been abandoned.

Some remain and if you visit the garden centre you can take a walk through the woods and see the remaining cabins.
(Note though that the photographs date to the days before the cabins were abandoned!)

Lots of inspiration to get willow weaving or cabin constructing at home.

The garden centre is very good and specialises in shrubs and trees which flower in the winter as well as varieties of Syringa (lilac) and Philadelphus

Les Jardins de la Brande also organise plant fairs twice a year where lots of local growers and specialist growers come to display and sell their plants.

Garden Guide:

The garden centre is between Bergerac and Peigueux in the Dordogne.

Address: Les jardins de la Brande

La Brande

24380 Fouleix

Tel: 05 53 07 47 85

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