Le Jardin de Boissonna, a garden in south west France

Photo of Le Jardin de Boissonna in South West

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The Jardin de Boissonna is a garden near to Duras in the Lot et Garonne department in south west France. The garden has been classified as one of the "Remarkable gardens" of France.

Visit Le Jardin de Boissonna

A fairly small garden but the borders of Le Jardin de Boissonna are packed with plants including more than 450 varieties of roses. After exploring the garden relax with a cream tea, homemade scones and jam - delicious!

The gardens began life as George Beylard gradually built up a garden around his daughter's house. His daughter had fallen under the spell of English style gardens during a visit in England and the gardens were developed in a very English style.

Le Jardin de Boissonna

Gradually the gardens grew and friends as well as family became involved in developing and caring for the garden. In 2004 the garden was opened to the public.

There are six gardens, each spreading out from the main path. Roses are a dominant feature of the gardens and include many climbing varieties which climb through trees bushes and pergolas.

A lemon tree, cedars, pines and cyprusses give the garden a southern feel and an abundance of drought living plants add to its mediterranean influence albeit planted in a relaxed English style.

As well as being garden enthusiasts the family are keen nature lovers and members of the bird protection league. Birds are encouraged, fed and housed in the garden and chemicals avoided to protect the habitats for the birds.

Le Jardin de Boissonna Garden Guide

The garden is open from  10.00-19.00.

15 April to 30 September, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Visits cost 6 euros and tea 7 eursos.

Cream teas have jams made from rose petals and rose tea - using roses from the garden.

The garden is situated very close to Duras and its chateau in the Lot et Garonne department of France.

Address: Le Jardin de Boissonna

47210 Baleyssagues

Tel: 05 53 83 81 43

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