Le Jardin Plume; a contemporary garden in Northern France

Photo of Le Jardin Plume in North West

Visit Le Jardin Plume

Visit the Jardin Plume

This is one of our favourites. The summer garden is a kind of modern knot garden with a very formal layout of clipped box in a square edged pattern. Each 'box' is then filled with a very natural planting of grasses and perennials but the colours are superb. Lots of golden yellow, deep red, burning oranges...

The overall mix of formal and informal, the somber green of the box and the jewel colours of the flowers is really superb. Favourite plants here are dahlias, crocosmias, heleniums, kniphofias and of course grasses - giving the plumes the garden is named for.

Because of the strong structural element to the garden and the use of plants which remain interesting in the winter the garden is still beautiful in the winter.

Masses of euphorbias and hellebores and many other plants mean that spring is wonderfully fresh and verdant in the jardin plume .

Autumn is my favourite. All the grasses and cimifugias make the backdrop to the asters and helianthus etc a bit like a firework display. Magic.

My garden visit in late September:

The box hedges are filled with vibrantly coloured flowers, interspersed with grasses.

Meadow areas are mowed into regular squares adding formality to the informally swaying grasses.

Jardin Plume, Normandy

The autumn garden was a joy when I visited the Jardin Plume in late September. The asters  and grasses were taller than me.

Jardin Plume, Normandy

Jardin Plume, Normandy

Jardin Plume, Normandy

Even the potager is full of flowers.

Jardin Plume, Normandy

Added to all this there is a fabulous garden centre where you can buy most of the plants grown in the garden.

Jardin Plume, a French garden

The Jardin Plume Garden Guide:

Le Jardin Plume is open from the begining of May. Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10h - 12h and 14h - 18h. Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays 14h - 18h. The garden centre is open the same hours but from the begining of April.

A garden visit costs 8.50 euros for adults, 4.50 euros for 10-13 year olds and free for under 10s.


The Jardin Plume is situated 20km North-East of Rouen, between Rouen and Dieppe.

Le Jardin Plume, 790 Rue de la Plaine, 76116 Auzouville sur Ry

Tel: 02 35 23 00 01

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