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Les Jardins de Sardy is a garden in Velines near Santa Foy de la Grande between Bergerac and Saint Emilion in the Dordogne department of south west France. The gardens are classified as one of France's "Remarkable Gardens".

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One of my favourite gardens in the Dordogne area, this garden has a fantastic formal pond very much in an Italian style with cylindrical cypress trees dotted around.

You first enter the garden onto a gravel courtyard surrounded by stone buildings in a typical Dordogne style. Various plants in barrels decorate the courtyard as does a large container of lotus flowers.

Les Jardins de Sardy

A path leads past a sloping garden down to a flat area with a huge formal pond.

The spectacular pond is the highlight of the garden. It sits at the bottom of a steep slope planted beautifully and offering a great backdrop.

The pond is a large rectacular pond planted with water lilies and from the far end you can look over the pond at the wonderful planting surrounding the pond and up to the beautiful stone house sat above.


Water jets create arcs of water that cross over to the other side of the pond and add to the spectacular beauty of the pond.

Well stocked borders edge the walk down to the pond and a wide range of plants can be seen in the Jardins de Sardy whose planting merges a Mediterranean and English feel.

A dominant colour theme is blue and includes the use of many blue-grey leaved plants including lavender and salvias.

Les Jardins de Sardy

Scent is also important with wisteria and many other perfumed plants all adding to the relaxing nature of your garden visit.

The gardens also feature a relaxing olive garden and a nice shady spot overlooking the pool where you can sit and relax and enjoy the tranquility.

Take a cup of tea on the terrace of the lovely farmhouse when you have finished your visit. You can even buy a bottle of wine from the Sardy vineyards.

Les Jardins de Sardy garden guide

The garden is open:

May, June, July, August and September every day from 10.00-18.00

Entrance costs 7 euros for adults, 4 euros for 12-18s and free for under 12s.

Address: Les jardins de Sardy, route de Sardy, 24230 Vélines

Gardens to visit nearby

The Jardin de Boissonna near to Duras is a small garden but it is packed with roses and is a pleasure to visit.

In Marmande the impressive Jardins de Beauchamp offer a range of different garden styles and if you are inspired it is attached to a good garden centre!

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Map of Les Jardins de Sardy and places to visit


Les Jardins de Sardy places to visit

Le Jardin de Boissonna

Le Jardin de Boissonna

The Jardin de Boissonna, near to Duras, is a small but lovely garden packed with roses.

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Garden of the cloitre de l'eglise Notre Dame

Garden of the cloitre de l'eglise Notre Dame

The Cloister garden of the Notre Dame church in Marmande is a small garden with topiaries and parterres.

Garden of the cloitre de l'eglise Notre Dame guide
Les Jardins de Beauchamp

Les Jardins de Beauchamp

The Jardins de Beauchamp is a large garden with lots of areas in different styles. It is also attached to a good garden centre.

Les Jardins de Beauchamp guide
Jardins du Chateau de Mongenan

Jardins du Chateau de Mongenan

The Jardins du Chateau de Mongenan to the south of Bordeaux have grown up round the chateau which is also a museum.

Jardins du Chateau de Mongenan guide
Les jardins de la Brande

Les jardins de la Brande

Les Jardins de la Brande once had a great display of willow woven cabins but is now a garden centre which hosts a garden fair twice a year.

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Chartreuse du Colombier

Chartreuse du Colombier

The Chartreuse du Colombier is a traditional country house surrounded by charming gardens.

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