Town Hall Garden at Marans; a garden in the west of France

Photo of Town Hall Garden at Marans in North West

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This town hall garden is at Marens near La Rochelle in the Charente-Maritime department.

Visit the Town Hall Garden at Marans

There are some parts of France where it is very difficult to find a garden to visit but as well as looking for private gardens it is worth looking for towns and villages which have been awarded four flowers in the national Ville et Village fleurie competition, the French equivalent of towns in bloom.

garden at Marans

When driving around look for the yellow sign saying Ville or Village Fleurie and from one to four flowers, four flowers being the highest award.

These towns are usually full of interesting and unusual floral displays and often have a garden somewhere in them, perhaps the local park or perhaps the garden of the town hall.

The garden of the Town Hall of Marans in Poiteau Charente is a very good example. The very mild climate here means that a very exotic range of species has been planted and it has all been put together showing style and imagination. I felt very well compensated for not having found a private garden to visit in the area.

You can see Tetrapanax Papyfera trees which have very large leaves and  whose pith used to be used for making chinese paper.

Marans Town Hall Garden guide

The garden is open every day, all day and is free.

Marans is situated close to La Rochelle in the Poitou-Charentes region of France.

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