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The Jardin Extraordinaire has been created in an old quarry, the Carrière Miséry de Chantanay in Nantes. The garden was opened in 2019 and is in the western part of Nantes next to the Loire river and close to the Jules Verne museum.

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This public garden in Nantes has been created over three and a half hectares in an old quarry. The garden is roughly in a semi-circle shape with steep granite cliffs around the circular edge providing both drama and shelter in the garden.

The 'straight' edge runs close to the river Loire. Because of the shelter of the cliffs and its south-facing aspect the garden is up to 4° warmer than the river edge and this microclimate has enabled an exotic planting scheme within the garden.

Jardin Extraordinaire de Nantes

The cliffs provide a spectacular backdrop all the more impressive for the waterfall with a 25 meter drop into the large pond below. The pond is crossed by two walkways and these paths continue around the garden allowing all parts to be explored.

There is a large metal staircase against the cliff face allowing access to the town above. The staircase has 4 belvederes allowing you to stop and look out over the gardens and the river Loire beyond.

These form a link with the 'Promenade des Belvederes' which was also opened in 2019 and is a walk along the top of the cliff with 7 belvederes along its length.


Because of the microclimat and inspired by the books of Jules Verne the gardens have a luxuriante and exotic feel. Jules Verne was born in Nantes and in his book 'L'Ile Mysterieuse' he describes  the luxuriant growth of the forest on the island.

In total 72 trees, 20,000 shrubs and perennials and 2600 bulbs have been planted. Amongst these there are tree ferns and ferns, large leaved gunnera, hosta and ligularia and flowers with bright dramatic colours. In the ponds are lovely lotus plants whose exotic flowers can be admired in summer.

The eastern part of the garden is yet to be developed but in this part of the garden on the cliff face a natural climbing wall has been created with 29 different climbing routes up the 25 meter high cliff with routes for different levels.

Thanks to Nantes Metrepole - Patrick Garçon for the photos.

Jardin Extraordinaire de Nantes

Jardin Extraordinaire visitor information

The garden is open all year round from 09.30 in the morning and closes from 18.15 to 19.45 depending on the time of year. The garden is free to visit.

Address: Le Jardin Extraordinaire, Rue Joseph Cholet, Nantes. To get there take Bus line 81 to 'Gassendi' or Tram line 1 to 'Gare Martitime'

Gardens to visit nearby

As well as the Loire river flowing through the town of Nantes the Erdre river crosses the town from the north and enters the Loire river. There is an island in the river Erdre in the town called the Ile de Versailles and on this island the lovely Jardin Ile de Versailles can be visited.

This is a beautiful Japanese style garden and at its centre is a Japanese style house. Like the Jardin Extraordinaire it is beautiful to visit throughout the year.

If this Japanese garden inspires you, you can visit the Parc Oriental de Maulevrier which is not far away and is the largest Japanese style garden in France.

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Map of The Jardin Extraordinaire of Nantes and places to visit


The Jardin Extraordinaire of Nantes places to visit

Ile de Versailles

Ile de Versailles

The Ile de Versailles garden is a lovely Japanese garden in the heart of Nantes. They are on an island in the river Edre.

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Parc Oriental de Maulevrier

Parc Oriental de Maulevrier

The Parc Oriental de Maulevrier is the largest Japanese garden in France

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Town Hall Garden at Marans

Town Hall Garden at Marans

The town hall garden at Marens was carefully planted when we visited.

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