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The Parc du Sarrat is situated in Dax in the Landes department of south west of France. The garden is a classified 'jardin remarquable'.

The Parc du Sarrat is also called the Domaine du Sarrat and the Parc Botanique du Sarrat.

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After studying architecture René Guichemerre came to Sarrat and designed a contemporary garden around his house. Upon his death he left the garden to the town of Dax and it is now open for visits.

The garden consists of various different elements including terraces leading to a large water feature.

There is a formal French-style garden with a long central pathway leading to the main water feature. There are also landscaped gardens, a bamboo garden, an orchard and a large vegetable garden which includes a lot of unusual varieties of vegetables.

The park contains more than 800 trees and 1500 shrubs and lots of rare and protected species can be seen in this garden. In all the garden covers 3 hectares.

René Guichemerre's house is also noteworthy - it is inspired by the buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and uses lots of glass.

Fairly new to the garden is a 'garden of the 5 senses' where you can wear a blindfold and discover sections of the garden dedicated to each of the 5 senses including identifying scents and tastes.

At the end of this section take off the blindfold to discover a colour wheel of flowers which could be useful in helping you to identify flowers for your own colour schemes back home.


Parc du Sarrat garden guide

The Parc du Sarrat is open from March to the end of November; Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 15h30. All visits are with a guide. The price of a visit is 4.20 euros for adults, children and students are free.

Garden visits are guided in order to protect the flora and fauna some of which are quite rare. The gardens though are open for non guided visits each year for the 'Rendez-vous aux jardins' and the 'Journées Européennes du Patrimoine'.

The garden is situated in the Landes department at Dax.

Address: Parc du Sarrat, Rue du Sel Gemme, 40100 Dax

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The Roserai de Saint Vincent is one of the most popular gardens in this area and contains hundreds of roses. It also a rose nursery.

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Map of Parc du Sarrat and places to visit


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