Photo of Fatsia Japonica

Fatsia japonica, known as the castor-oil plant, grows into a large shrub and has large very glossy leaves and is perfect to add an exotic almost tropical touch to a shady corner of your garden.

Panicules of white flowers in summer are followed by black berries, but it is really for the beautiful leaves that this plant is grown.

It grows in full sun or partial shade and sets off beautifully bright vibrant colours. To keep the exotic feel plant with cannas to appreciate their colourful flowers or contrast with the tall narrow stems of a bamboo.

Fatsia Japonica grows quickly into a fairly large shrub, around 2.5m in height and width and so make sure you choose a suitably large planting position.

Fatsia japonica is also often grown as a house plant where it is relatively trouble-free if it is kept well fed and watered.

Growing Guide for Fatsia japonica

Fatsias like moist well drained soil and will grow in full sun or shade. It is hardy but leaves can be damaged by frost and so it is best to plant somewhere sheltered from frosts. For bigger leaves feed regularly, don't let the plant dry out and pick off the berries.

Semi-hardwood cuttings can be taken in summer. New plants should be planted in spring giving it plenty of time to establish before experiencing its first winter.

Fatsia japonica has received the RHSs Award of Garden Merit (AGM)

Fatsia japonica is a great plant for a tropical style garden.