Things to do in the garden each month

Things to do in the garden in September

September is a busy growing time in this part of France. Warm and often hot days can be interspersed with some rain allowing plants to recover from the drought usually experienced from May to the end of August, with just a few storms to keep things going. The gentler weather of September usually sees a sudden spurt in growth.

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Things to do in the garden in October

October is probably my busiest month. Days are still warm, rain quite frequent though not lasting for long and I find that where in England spring and autumn are equally busy planting times here it is much better to get all trees and most shrubs and perennials into the ground in autumn giving them time to grow good deep roots before the very dry weather which usually begins at the beginning of May.

Anything planted in spring needs regular watering to survive the baking summers and like the UK we usually have a water ban.

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Things to do in the garden in November

Often the weather here is quite mild in November but with intervals of severe frosts meaning I have to keep a careful eye on the weather forecast before deciding to do any last minute moving or dividing of plants. Local custom says that all planting should be finished by Saint Catherine's day, November 25th as after this day there is too much danger of severe cold.

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Things to do in the garden in May

Everything grows well in May. Usually not too hot nor to cold. Keep sowing seeds, planting plants and planting summer bulbs.

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Things to do in the garden in March

The ground is warming up and so over this month and next month a lot of the spring planting, moving and dividing needs to be done before the hotter, drier weather sets in.

The jobs to be done are generally about the same as those in the UK.

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Things to do in the garden in June

The garden should be really taking off now. Nice sunny weather with regular rain makes this one of the most exciting months in the garden.

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Things to do in the garden in July

July is a fairly quiet time in the garden. Harvesting crops and preventing plants from drying out will be your main focus.

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Things to do in the garden in January

Whenever it is not too cold it's worth setting to for a big clean up of all your pots and equipment. Perhaps now is the time to start a garden diary and write down all those jobs you want to do this year and the best month to do it.

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Things to do in the garden in February

Take advantage of this quiet time in the garden to recharge batteries before the spring onslaught begins. Weeding and tidying up remain the main jobs of the moment.

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Things to do in the garden in December

The main thing to do this month is curl up in front of a roaring wood stove with your seed catalogues and old gardening magazines and plan your projects for the spring. I always try to make a list of things I want to do, otherwise I find lots of inspiration and good ideas and forget them by the spring!

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Things to do in the garden in August

Harvesting all those crops you have been growing (and freezing and making lots of soup, jam etc to use the surpluses ) and deadheading to keep the flower garden going are the main things to do this month.

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Things to do in the garden in April

I find that spring starts much the same time in the south of France as it does in England, though winter tends to start later. April here is action month just as it is in the UK. If there is a month you really don't want to be away on holiday it is April, there is loads to do. I love it, warm but (usually) not too hot. Everything bursting into life. Lots of early colour to be seen. Fab.

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Start a cutting garden: flowering plants in the garden

I have decided that this year I am going to start a cutting garden. At the moment I manage to have cut flowers, from my garden, most of the year round. But I want to start being a bit more adventurous in my arrangements.

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Things to do in the garden

There are many different jobs to do in the garden and most have a particular month or two which are most suitable. For example when to plant, take cuttings, divide plants etc. This is a month by month guide to the main gardening jobs you will want to undertake.

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