Photo of Things to do in the garden in February

Take advantage of this quiet time in the garden to recharge batteries before the spring onslaught begins. Weeding and tidying up remain the main jobs of the moment.

Tidying Borders

Keep weeding and tidying to be better prepared when spring arrives.

Adding compost

Continue to add compost to the garden.

Plant new shrubs and trees

During mild spells it is still possible to plant trees and shrubs. If you have not already done so take cuttings of willow and cornus (dogwood). Cut stems that are about the thickness of a pencil. Cut lengths of about 40cm and push half the length into the ground. Keep the area clear of weeds.

Potting dahlias

I tend to leave my dahlias in the soil and protect with mulch but if you lifted yours you can now begin potting them up. Keep pots in a protected position to encourage growth and protect from cold and frost. Next month you will be abled to start taking cuttings to increase your stocks.

Prepare containers

Start filling containers with displays for spring but keep sheltered for now.


Rose care

Prune roses this month so that they are ready for spring. Burn rose prunings to avoid spreading disease. Clean secateurs between pruning each plant to avoid spreading disease.

Hang fat balls on roses to encourage blue tits to come and eat overwintering pests.

Clematis care

Now is the time to prune group 3 clematis, such as C. 'Jackmanii' and Clematis viticella. Prune back to large healthy buds about 30cm from ground

In the potager (vegetable garden)

Force rhubarb - Place a terracotta pot over your new rhubarb shoots to encourage early growth.

Keep sprinkling ash from your wood stove (or bonfires you have as you tidy up) on the potager as this is full of minerals.

What to do in the garden next month

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